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Wednesday, 13 February 2008 02:27


I would like to take this esteemed and rare opportunity to thank all those who supported me in my long and protracted campaign of 2007. My triumph has not come easy and it will not be taken for granted. I have long since the beginning of my political career thought it was easy to get to where I am but have learnt in due course that it takes a lot of wit, determination, endurance and dedication to be able to secure and well manage leadership in the constituency.

In the midst of the post 2007 election melee; I would like to commend all my fellow constituents for observing peace and sustaining the patience that was very much needed to procure the calm and harmony that has since been restored. It is worth noting that the Kitutu Chache constituents had minimal or no confrontations with neighboring brothers and sisters. A sure sign of maturity, cooperation, civility and brotherhood in our society. The task to rebuild our infrastructure, personal relations, trust and confidence with each must and has begun. The state of our Constituency is in deer need of intensive attention. In assuming the leadership of our community, I have inherited numerous challenges; some of which will need a lot of courage, work and dedication from both my office and the constituents.

I have pledged and often campaigned on many things but my focus on the immediate front it to make sure that we raise each other’s hopes and aspirations in order to have the ability and strive to tackle any issues or challenges we are faced with. This is a hopeful and ambitious new beginning. Many folks in Kitutu Chache are concerned with several issues that directly impact them; ranging from poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, health care, misuse and embezzlement of CDF funds, crime and poor infrastructure in the constituency [among other things]. I plan to work very closely with the people that will be chosen from all the administrative units of Kitutu Chache in order to tailor development plans and road-maps in accordance with respective communities and their priorities.

This is going to be a long and hard assignment for us all; I solicit your patience while we get the gears in place in order to achieve these challenging goals. I will institute an open door policy and welcome all ideas and propositions that can make this community flourish. I will take the opinions of my people with all seriousness and anticipate making this community one of the most thriving and prosperous in the nation.

Further official announcements, events, policies, proceedings and functions will be announced using the public media and this website in order to enhance dialogue and interactions. I plan to open two new constituency offices at locations yet to be determined so that I can be closer to the ideas and reality of our constituency. I ask your absolute help and support in this challenge and pledge my undivided attention to matters concerning the constituency.

Again, thank you all for all those who supported my candidacy; my fellow contestants who put up a commendable fight that has taught me a lot. To the people who did not support me, I am humbled to be your leader and looking forward to mutually work with you. Welcome to our new website and thank you for stopping by.


Yours Faithfully,

Hon.Momoima Richard Onyonka
MP. Kitutu Chache | Assist. Minister Foreign Affairs

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